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Come together, share ideas and update your best practice with fellow NHS professionals who are delivering long term ventilation care to children and young people with complex needs in the community. Gather online and be guided by your expert workshop leader as she takes you through how to set up your ventilator, standard operation procedures for humidification and circuits, and equips you with basic lifesaving skills. Log off confident that you can provide the best possible care to CYPs on long term ventilation in the community.

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Enhancing Paediatric Ventilation via Tracheostomy
Online 5 hours From £266+VAT

5 hours Continuing Professional Development: what you will learn

Are you continually striving to enhance your care management and improve your needs assessment for children with long term ventilation? If yes, then this workshop is for you. Book your place and refocus on:

  • Understanding the anatomy and physiology of ventilatory care
  • Ensuring appropriate responses to alarms
  • Identifying the differences between CPAP and BIPAP
  • Developing your approaches to ventilation circuits
  • Enabling safe trips outside of the home
  • Creating a comprehensive action plan for emergency scenarios
  • Troubleshooting common circuit failings
  • Solidifying your nebuliser safety management
  • Updating your SOP to ensure that your service is delivering top quality care
  • Assessing for the unwell child

Developed with convenience in mind: join this NHS online workshop remotely

Take away useful techniques and new skills to use in your day-to-day work routine:

  • Evidenced based examples and referrals: providing appropriate, relevant support and sign posting
  • Interactive presentations: your concerns addressed with sensitivity and care
  • Closed room discussions: benchmark and engage with your fellow attendees
  • Agreed action plan: leave the workshop with the confidence to make changes

This course is available for in-house training

Available as a bespoke workshop to teams of 20+ people. Please do contact us if you would like this course delivered exclusively to your team, with the content developed to drill into the specific needs of your service. Please email Sarah Kemm or call 01732 897788 for further details.

Join, tech support and opportunity to network in breakout rooms
Introduction, instructions and chair’s opening remarks
Billie Coverly, Director and Trainer, Respirational
Anatomy and physiology of tracheostomy
Understanding the need for ventilation circuits for CYPs via tracheostomy
  • The importance of ventilatory support for CYPs via tracheostomy
  • Describing, in basic terms, how the mode(s) of ventilation work: BiPAP and CPAP
  • Identifying the differences between CPAP and BIPAP; the description of ventilation dependence
Improving your ventilator operation procedures
  • Connecting the ventilator to the main power supply: determining the use of mains or battery power
  • How to check the functioning and appropriate pressures in the ventilator prior to connection
  • Identifying back up and mandatory breaths: understanding how to change between programmes
Screen break
Respiratory distress in the tracheostomy patient
Recognising and responding to alarms
  • Identifying alarms: understanding which alarms are triggered for ventilation via tracheostomy
  • Refreshing your knowledge of what causes the alarm and how to respond appropriately
  • What to do if you cannot find the cause of an alarm: knowing who to contact
Working with, and understanding the difference between circuits
  • What is the purpose of the various parts of the circuits?
  • Demonstration and practice: how to assemble circuits
  • Investigating circuit calibration (learn circuits): when should these be performed?
Morning questions and answers with Billie Coverly
Lunch time screen break
Methods of humidification
Best practice approaches to humidification
  • Understanding the consequences: how to achieve good humidification
  • Troubleshooting common problems regarding the circuit: rain out, temperature and fan issues
Nebuliser safety management
  • Safely setting up a nebuliser: knowing when to administer one
  • What does effective observation look like? Identifying changes and monitoring good practice
Ensuring safe travel and transport for CYPs with ventilation via tracheostomy
  • What equipment do we need? How can we ensure that we are prepared for all outcomes?
  • Best practice protocols for a safe trip: safely securing equipment and oxygen calculations
  • Emergency planning when away from home: assessing an unwell CYP
Screen break
Life support training
Basic life support and building an action plan for clinical deterioration
  • Assessing an unwell CYP: key steps to ensure an effective appraisal
  • Building an action plan for clinical deterioration and basic life support
  • Emergency scenarios: best practice advance for different difficult situations
Afternoon questions and answers with Billie Coverly
Close of workshop

Share in first-hand experience

Previously described as ‘clear and concise’, this is your opportunity to learn from Billie Coverley, an expert speaker, who will guide you through best practice tracheostomy training in the community:

Job Title:
Director and Trainer

Pricing Structure

  • *** Black Friday Deal *** £266 + VAT until Friday 8th December
  • £399 + VAT for one NHS or public sector place

You or a colleague can claim the £299+ VAT NHS discount, for booking two or more places across this and any other subsequent event, providing the same pricing structure applies. Click here to view the full list of up coming events.

This course is available for in-house training 

Available as a bespoke workshop to teams of 20+ people. Please do contact us if you would like this course delivered exclusively to your team, with the content developed to drill into the specific needs of your service. Please email Sarah Kemm or call 01732 897788 for further details.

Commercial companies are also invited to sponsor this day. Please email Sarah Kemm for further details.

You can reserve a no-obligation place whilst you apply for funding

If your funding has not yet been secured or you would like to hold your place with no obligation whilst waiting for your study leave to be approved, you can reserve your place with us. Please email the reservations team at SBK Healthcare with your details:

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On the day, when registration starts, you will be able to join the conference by initially entering a waiting room when there may be a short wait. In groups of between 6-10 people, you will be admitted into the main conference room to be greeted by a member of SBK staff. In the same group you will be taken into a breakout room and asked to turn on your video and microphone. A member of the SBK team will get your group started with some orientation tasks and ‘ice breaker’ topics, before leaving you to network.

When you are automatically brought back into the conference room for the start of the conference, you will be asked to turn off your camera and microphone so that the chair can start the forum. During each presentation you will be able to ask questions in the chat box function. The forum will include screen breaks, as well as topic themed interactive sessions which will take place in the breakout rooms.

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Certification of attendance

A certificate for Continuing Professional Development will be given to every fully registered participant who completes the course, as a record of your continuing professional training and development.

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Event changes

It may be necessary for reasons beyond the control of the conference organisers to alter the content, speakers or the timing of the programme. We will endeavour to keep you abreast of such changes but any unavoidable change to the format will not constitute a reason to refund the fee. Should the event be postponed, we will endeavour to reschedule the event. If, for reasons beyond the control of the conference organiser, the event is cancelled, a full refund will be made. We do not accept any liability for any incurred costs resulting from a postponement or cancellation.

Privacy notice

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Expected attendees

This online meeting is ideal for NHS professionals working with children on Long Term Ventilation in Acute Trusts, Community Services and CCGs. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Community Children's Nurse and Children's Continuing Care Nurses
  • Paediatric LTV Nurses and Respiratory CNS
  • PICU and PHDU Consultants and Lead Nurses
  • Paediatric Matrons and Sisters

If you have a team that is 20 people or more, you can have a bespoke workshop delivered online to your team alone. Please contact Sarah Kemm or telephone 01732 897788.

Past attendee feedback

This online workshop follows on from the well attended, ‘Safety Management for Paediatric Tracheostomy’ which was led by Billie and took place online in September 2023. It was described as ‘excellent’ and ‘a great way of sharing best practice’ but don’t take our word for how much the attendees enjoy our training:

"Very well run and good catch-up updates and being able to fully update out SOP affectively"

HCRG Care Group

“Really thought-provoking. One of the best conferences I have attended. Already thinking about how my practice can change”

Premium Care Solutions

"Great day, thank you very much!"

NHS Children and Family Health Devon

“A great day. Very informative. Well organised and ran smoothly”

Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

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An online forum like no other…

A live event that will feature leading presentations, interactive breakout rooms, and compelling Q&A discussions

As a sponsor you will have the opportunity to present your product or service, be a ‘face’ of the event and meet your audience face-to-face to discuss their experiences, interests and key concerns.

To find out more about sponsorship contact Sarah Kemm on 01732 897788 or you can email Sarah. Your organisation could be sponsoring this forum today!

Branding, marketing and education opportunities include...

  • Your organisation featuring on this forum website as ‘sponsored by’; including your logo, promotional text and links to your URL
  • 5 minutes presentation time during the main conference and taking part in the related speaker Q&A
  • Unique opportunity for the sponsored presenter to moderate one of the interactive breakout rooms
  • Additional company representatives can attend the online conference and meet the attendees during the interactive sessions in the breakout rooms
  • Your logo or company name will be included in all correspondence we send to registrations and all promotional emails sent out when marketing
  • Your support and sponsorship will be recognised when you are thanked at the opening and closing of the online forum as well as your logo featuring on the opening and closing slides
  • All sponsors will receive a copy of the registration and attendee list
  • Plus: a one-off option to add your question to the registration form, asking if attendees would like to share their email address with you so you can keep them informed after the online forum

Sponsor this forum and be part of a quality interactive event...

But don't take our word for it. We have had some excellent feedback from attendees to the forums that have been held to date:

"Forum was managed extremely well, and very professional"

IAPT National Networking Online Forum 2021 - 21st January 2021

“I am sure like everyone else I was apprehensive with going online, not sure how we could network, the ability for all participant's to participate and the quality of the presentations - all my fears were diminished this turned in to be a great day, networking, leading and sharing still occurred and links still formed. The presentations were excellent and the quality of the forum and set up great and so easy to follow and timing excellent.”

Reduce Paediatric Emergency Attendance Online Conference – 8th October 2020

“The conference has been far more engaging than in a conference centre. This I think is because of the ability to participate in chat throughout and the use of the breakout discussions.” “Excellent day! Organisation was great - loved the break out rooms for chat. Virtual chat added another really useful way to interact during the day, which isn't available to us at the physical conferences.”

Leading Change in Clinical Coding Online Conference - 11th September 2020

"Very informative, lots of opportunity for discussions and very well organised virtually"

Providing Support for Children on Long Term Ventilation - Tuesday 9th March 2021

"I enjoyed the group chats networking listening to others experiences, I also like that there was a lead on each group so the chats were influenced and no awkward silences that can occur on web meets. I thought the larger talks were really good and easy to listen to."

Modernising Outpatient Services Online Conference – 16th September 2020

“This is my first experience of an online conference and thoroughly enjoyed it. Wasn't sure what to expect. Would recommend to colleagues to attend future events” “This has to be the best online conference I have been to, I really enjoyed the breakout rooms.”

Advancing Ulcer Care Management Online Forum – 29th September 2020

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