Outpatient Services

Driving Forward Independent Prescribing Practices

Explore the impact of Covid-19, address the challenges of polypharmacy and get motivated to drive forward the role of IP in practice

Tuesday 9 February 2021
  09:30 - 15:30
Online Forum
5 CPD hours
Driving Forward Independent Prescribing Practices

Streamlining Virtual Clinics for Outpatient Services

Promoting ‘digital first’ approaches to achieve pre-Covid-19 outpatient results whilst achieving digital efficiency and reduced face to face consultations

Thursday 27 May 2021
  09:30 - 13:00
Online Forum
3 CPD hours
Streamlining Virtual Clinics for Outpatient Services

Welcome to NHS Conferences and NHS Courses for Outpatient Services

The Outpatient Services NHS courses provide unique networking platforms whilst sharing case studies and practical advice from a host of innovative trusts which will enable you to identify new ideas, reassess and reinforce new and current plans to drive forward your Outpatient Services.

With each of our NHS conference taking place across one day only, they provide time out in a productive environment which will equip you with new approaches, motivation and contacts. They will bring you together with Outpatient Service Managers, Transformation Managers and Leads, Directors, Patient Access Managers, Outpatient Leads, Matrons, Sisters, Consultants, Lead Nurses and Nurse Consultants that you can discuss implementable solutions to your challenges and share ideas and innovation.

Featuring in 2017/2018 are:

  • SBK Healthcare's 'Outpatient Patient Flow' NHS conference is a motivational day which will provide you and your team with the ideal time-out to identify new ideas, reflect, reassess and reinforce your current service delivery plans. This interactive forum will tackle clinic utilisation, waiting list times, DNAs, follow-up management and best use of technology across outpatient departments

  • 'Virtual Clinics' NHS conference will share experience and knowledge from key players for virtual clinics from different trusts across the country. You will learn how to achieve change management, improve staff experience and patient access and ensure effective cost savings across virtual clinics for primary care, long term conditions, acute services and pre-operative assessment. The day will also have presentation on important issues including; the future of virtual clinics, the economic impact of virtual clinics on trusts and important information governance and data protection guidance.

  • By sharing tools, best practice advice and worked examples, 'Demand and Capacity Modelling for Outpatient Services' will provide you with a unique chance to get on the road to achieving the right capacity for the demands on your service. When Outpatient attendance is rapidly growing and organising the demand is getting more complex this is a well-timed interactive NHS course which will help you to learn how to design and implement an appropriate system within your service.

  • The third annual 'Outpatient Services 2017' NHS conference and will include brand new speakers on crucial topics for Outpatient Services including DNAs, clinic utilisation, waiting list times, follow-up management and innovative technologies.

  • By providing insight through a variety of case study based presentations our 'Outpatient Nursing' NHS Course will share the challenges overcome and outcome measures for nursing services provided in outpatients. This day will focus on how nursing services can improve capacity and demand challenges, help to cost save and improve patient flow and efficiency in outpatients.

Each NHS conference is researched directly with potential attendees to identify what should be included and how each topic could be covered. By building in case study, discussion, best practice and interactive time into each programme, the aim is to strengthen NHS professionals’ knowledge and confidence. When you can go back to your workplace with an enhanced understanding and an accurate benchmark of where your service is and where you want to be, we know the event has succeeded.

If you would like to advise or be involved in future Outpatient Service events, please contact hope.frost@sbk-healthcare.co.uk


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SBK Healthcare provides conferences, seminars and forums for NHS staff to come together and learn from NHS leaders across the country as well as each other. Every NHS course held by SBK Healthcare focuses on the unique clinical or operational demands that are putting the NHS workforce under pressure. By sharing examples of achievable service delivery, case studies of innovative clinical implementation and forums for attendees to meet like-minded individuals who are all striving for change, each NHS conference is designed to inform, inspire and motivate. Every NHS course is thoroughly researched and produced to help different NHS services to improve their patient experience, drive forward efficiency, and build better outcomes.

Each year, we develop over 100 forums taking place all over the country including Manchester, Birmingham, York, Bristol, Leicester, Leeds, Cambridge and Stirling. We are always building new events, to date we have covered the following NHS service areas: Acute Oncology, Admissions and Discharge, Cancer, Chemotherapy, Clinical Coding, Clinical Governance, Clinical Research, Continuous Glucose Monitoring, Critical Care, CAMHS, Diabetes Prevention, Diagnostics & Radiology, Digital Solutions, Endoscopy, Emergency Unscheduled, Family Integrated Care, Gynaecology, Heart Failure, IAPT, IV therapy, Immunotherapy, Information Governance, Insulin Pumps, Maternity, Medical Devices, Mental Health, Neonatal, Non-Medical Prescribing, Nuclear Medicine, Nurses, Ophthalmology, Outpatients, Paediatrics, Pathology, Palliative Care, Patient Experience, Pathology, Pre-Operative Assessment, PWP Development, Rehabilitation, Renal, Respiratory Service, Stroke, Virtual Clinics.

Operating as a small business, SBK Healthcare provide industry-supported National Networking Forums in addition to SBK Healthcare conferences and courses, which are research driven and enabled through attendee funding.

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