On-demand: featuring presentation and speaker Q&A: Developed for healthcare professionals and researchers working with Cancer of Unknown Primary (CUP). Take one hour to join the world-leading authority on CUP - Dr F Anthony Greco – discussing how leading edge research is transforming therapeutic options for CUP patients:  

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Cancer of Unknown Primary: Is the unknown now known?
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Join world-leading CUP authority Dr F Anthony Greco (US) taking a long view of the challenges of developing CUP research and treatment. Benefit from:

  • 40 minutes with Dr Harpreet Wasan asking questions of Dr Tony Greco followed by audience Q&A facilitated by Dr Harpreet Wasan
  • Questions will be answered during the speaker Q&A and discussion with attendees during this live webinar, using the chat box function
  • Or you can catch up with the webinar content at any time after it takes place

1 hour video | Filmed on Tuesday 21st June 2022 | featuring:

John Symons, Director, CUP Foundation - Jo's friends
Interlocutor’s opening remarks
Dr Harpreet Wasan, Consultant Oncologist, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust
Cancer of Unknown Primary: Is the unknown now known?
  • Where have we come from? A long view of overcoming the challenges developing CUP research and treatment
  • Where are we now? As molecularly-guided therapeutic options gain momentum, can we stop chasing the anatomical primary?
  • Where are we going? A look to the future: what else is needed to consign CUP to history?
Dr Harpreet Wasan, Consultant Oncologist, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust in conversation with Dr Anthony Greco, Medical Oncologist, Tennessee Oncology
Question and answer session
  • Your webinar host and presenter will use this time to answer the questions asked throughout the presentation plus any discussion points raised
Dr Harpreet Wasan, Consultant Oncologist, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust and Dr Anthony Greco, Medical Oncologist, Tennessee Oncology
Close of webinar

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A unique webinar sharing a valuable and educational long view from:

Job Title:
Consultant Oncologist
Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust

Dr Harpreet S. Wasan MBBS FRCP is Consultant and Reader in Medical Oncology, Department of Cancer Medicine, Imperial College NHS Trust. He leads the gastrointestinal clinical research program at Hammersmith Hospital, and is the current Lead for Cancer for The N.W London NIHR Research Network. He is the chief investigator of the completed national CRUK/NIHR study for cancer of unknown primary (CUP-ONE), which is comparing rapid molecular diagnostics (with over 600 patients); and the NSHE 100k genome GeCip domain lead for CUP. He is an Advisory Board Member for The CUP Foundation, helped develop Macmillan patient information, and invited to give support for the original NICE CUP guidelines. He has recently started an immunotherapy study (CUPEM) for CUP patients and is involved as UK-CI in a tumour mutational burden (TMB) study, which includes CUP patients.

Job Title:
Medical Oncologist
Tennessee Oncology

Dr F. Anthony Greco MD is Co-Founder of the Sarah Cannon Research Institute located in Nashville, USA. Dr. Greco’s principal professional interest has been clinical cancer research and he now specialises in cancers of unknown primary origin, lung cancer and germ cell tumors. He has helped to define the complex group of patients with unknown primary cancer recognizing many subsets of patients requiring specific therapy. He has developed, or helped develop, new and improved therapies for patients with several types of neoplastic diseases, including unknown primary cancer.

Job Title:
CUP Foundation - Jo's friends
John Symons is the founding director of The CUP Foundation which has been in existence for 15 years. He was a member of NICE’s CUP Guideline Development Group (2008-2010) and the NCAT Peer Review Measures expert group for CUP (2011-12); and is presently a member of the MUO/CUP workstream of the NCRI Living With and Beyond Cancer Group. John is a Sloan Fellow of the London Business School and former associate professor at Henley Business School.

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