Positive learning for NHS professionals

Providing you and your colleagues in the NHS with educational and informative webinars that focus on sharing and solving the different challenges you are experiencing. These webinars can be viewed free and on-demand, and include:

Online Interactive Forums
  • Building Psychological Resilience Skills for NHS Professionals
  • Psychological Resilience Skills II – Embedding your Techniques
  • Managing Burnout for NHS Frontline Staff
  • 30 Minute Meditations for NHS Professionals
  • Compassionate Leadership Skills for NHS Staff
  • Handling and Responding to Difficult Conversations
  • Managing Anxiety at Work for NHS Frontline Staff
  • Managing Conflict on the NHS Frontline
  • Recognising and Reducing Stress for NHS Frontline Staff
  • Team Leaders' Guide to Staff Wellbeing
  • Financial Wellbeing Support for NHS Professionals
  • NHS Pensions Explained: Setting Yourself Up for the Future

Online Interactive Forums

We continue to provide one hour webinars, but have also developed whole and half day interactive online forums where NHS attendees can come together in your clinical areas to:

SBK Healthcare YouTube Channel

• Hear the latest case studies, listen to speakers and get your questions answered
• Take part in discussions in smaller breakout rooms sharing ideas and experiences
• Virtually meet people from across the country and benchmark your work and developments

This unique format of presentations and networking has all the benefits of face-to-face conferences without the inconvenience of travelling and accommodation. We continue to equip NHS clinicians, nurses and managers with the education to drive forward the delivery of your services by attending inspirational and motivational interactive online events.