We can deliver our forums directly to you and your team

You can take our events in-house so your team can exclusively benefit from the learning on offer, plus you can fully utilise SBK Healthcare's experience, insight and event organisation expertise. This service is available to NHS organisations and so if you have a specific educational requirement or simply feel as though your team could really benefit from dedicated training and development opportunities, then we would be pleased to help. 

We can begin by simply discussing your requirements and objectives, so please email sarah.kemm@sbk-healthcare.co.uk or telephone 01732 897788.

Courses delivered online

SBK Healthcare are experienced in making online learning as engaging and interactive as face-to-face forums! By working closely with you to focus on your key objectives, SBK Healthcare can offer these key services: research, production, marketing, logistics and organisation. We can help you build and deliver exciting, motivational online education that will meet your goals, leaving your team with improved understanding and greater knowledge on your chosen areas and ultimately inspiring improvements across your service - all from the comfort of home! 

Courses delivered face-to-face

Bringing people together for in-person learning and networking can be a daunting prospect but by working with our experienced managed event service, SBK Healthcare can allieviate all the logistical, preparation and delivery stress of in-person training. We have the experience and understanding to help create an excellent event, meeting all of your specfic requirements that engages your team, covering all the right topics and delivered by the most experienced speakers. With us managing all the organisation in the run-up and on the day, you won't have to tackle any concerns and you can simply be part of an attractive and inspiring programme.

Contact us for more information

If you would like more information on online training or face-to-face forums, or if you wish to discuss your needs and what solutions may be appropriate for your service, please contact:

Sarah Kemm, Commercial and NHS Partnerships Manager

Contact: 01732 897788

Email: sarah.kemm@sbk-healthcare.co.uk