On-demand: featuring presentation and speaker Q&A: Dr Marieke Vollebergh, Prof Dr Alwin Krämer and Dr Claire Mitchell will discuss the new care pathways for CUP patients in development – what are the differences and what can be learnt from other health systems. Part of the World CUP Awareness Week, this webinar is specifically created to share the latest updates with both clinicians and patients, including oncologists, pathologists, nurses and researchers, plus patients, their families and patient advocates. 

World Cup Awareness Week is supported by Missie Tumor Onbekend and Sarah Jennifer Knott Foundation

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Clinical CUP diagnostics & care pathways: differences across Europe
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Packed with inspiring different CUP care pathways that are available to patients across Europe:

  • 40 minutes of unique and insightful presentation time with Dr Marieke Vollebergh, Prof Dr Alwin Krämer and Dr Claire Mitchell
  • Share lessons learned from CUP care in Germany, the Netherlands and the UK
  • Your questions answered during the 20 minute Q&A and discussion with other attendees during the live webinar, using the chat box function
  • Or you can catch up with the webinar content at any time after it takes place

Gain three very different insights into CUP care: what can be learned from other health systems?

1 hour video | Filmed on Wednesday 21st September 2022 | featuring:

Introduction and instructions
Warnyta Minnaard, Co-founder Missie Tumor Onbekend
Clinical CUP diagnostics and care pathways: differences across Europe
  • Several countries have started to develop new care pathways for CUP patients, this webinar will bring you insights into lessons learned to date
  • Become inspired about the different CUP care pathways that are available to patients in 3 different countries
  • Insights into CUP care from Germany, the Netherlands and the UK: what are their differences and what can be learnt from other health systems?
Presented by: Dr Marieke Vollebergh, Internist, Netherlands Cancer Institute, The Netherlands; Prof Dr Alwin Krämer, Clinical Cooperation Unit Molecular Hematology/Oncology, German Cancer Research Center, Germany; Dr Claire Mitchell, Consultant in Medical Oncology, Clinical lead for Acute Oncology and CUP services at Central Manchester Foundation Trust, UK
Questions and answers with the speakers
  • Your presenters will use this time to answer your questions asked throughout the presentation plus any discussion points raised
Led by: Prof Dr Alwin Krämer, German Cancer Research Center
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Your expert speakers

Part of the World CUP Awareness Week: sharing valuable and educational longterm views from:

Job Title:
Netherlands Cancer Institute

Marieke started working on her PhD research at the Netherlands Cancer Institute in 2007, investigating whether certain DNA characteristics could predict sensitivities to certain types of chemotherapy. Marieke started working as medical oncologist in 2019 and mainly deliver care to patients with gastrointestinal cancer; primarily those with esophageal cancer, stomach cancer, or colon cancer that has spread to the liver. At the Netherlands Cancer Institute they have a highly specialized and dedicated team of radiation therapists and surgeons, ready to find the treatment plan that best fits every patient. This collaboration, the commitment of the entire team, and the ability to implement always increasing knowledge (even about the smallest cellular levels) through research - most of which is conducted at the Netherlands Cancer Institute itself - makes her work at the institute unique and exciting.

Job Title:
Clinical Cooperation Unit Molecular Hematology/Oncology
German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) and Dept. of Internal Medicine V, University of Heidelberg

Born in Germany, Alwin began his career studying Medicine at the University of Mainz, Germany and Bern, Switzerland. His training took him international with a residency at University of Heidelberg, a postdoctoral fellow in Wisconsin, USA and a Heisenburg fellow at the Danish Cancer Society Research Center, Copenhagen, Denmark. 

From 2005, Alwin has dedicated his time and research to Hematology, which has led him to be both the Co-chairman of the Steering Committee „CUP-Syndrome” of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Internistische Onkologie (AIO) within the German Cancer Society (DKG) and since 2022 the Chairman of the ESMO CUP-Practice Guidelines Committee. 

During his career, Alwin has been awarded the Heisenberg Stipend of the German Research Society (DFG), Vincenz-Czerny Award of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Hämatologie und Onkologie (DGHO) and in 2010 the Science Award of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Internistische Onkologie (AIO) within the German Cancer Society (DKG).

Job Title:
Consultant in Medical Oncology, Clinical lead for Acute Oncology and CUP services
Central Manchester Foundation Trust (MRI and Trafford sites); Central Manchester Specialist Gynaecological multi-disciplinary team

Dr Mitchell graduated from the Royal London and St Bartholomew's Medical College (University of London) in 1999 and entered Specialist Training in Medical Oncology in Manchester (at The Christie) in 2005, completing in 2013. She completed her PhD in "Imaging and Angiogenesis" at the University of Manchester in 2010. In addition to completion of Specialist Training in Medical Oncology, Dr Mitchell has completed a postgraduate diploma in Palliative Medicine. She was appointed Consultant in Medical Oncology at The Christie in 2013. 

Since being appointed as a consultant Dr Mitchell has been an active member of the acute oncology network group helping to develop acute oncology services and CUP services throughout the region. Following the formation of Manchester Cancer in January 2014, Dr Mitchell was appointed as the Pathway Director for Acute Oncology, overseeing service development of acute oncology services and training in the region. 

Dr Mitchell is an active participant in the gynaecological medical oncology group in service development and the expansion of disease-specific clinical trials portfolio. She has led the establishment of the Cancer of Unknown Primary service at The Christie as a site-specific group with development of trials within it. Dr Mitchell has a continuing role in the educational provision for junior trainees based at The Christie and within the broader network.

Supporting NHS professionals with free, practical content

SBK Healthcare has produced many useful webinars to help and support NHS healthcare professionals in their work. These webinars can be viewed free and on-demand, and include:

  • Enhancing Referral and Management of MUO/CUP Patients
  • Cancer of Unknown Primary: Is the unknown now known?
  • Building Psychological Resilience Skills for NHS Professionals
  • Compassionate Leadership Skills for NHS Frontline Staff
  • Handling and Responding to Difficult Conversations
  • Compassionate Leadership Skills for NHS Frontline Staff
  • Managing Anxiety at Work for NHS Frontline Staff
  • Managing Conflict on the NHS Frontline
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More about the World CUP Awareness Week

Sarah Jennifer Knott Foundation (Ireland) and Missie Tumor Onbekend (Netherlands), two national patient organisations dedicated to improving quality of care and life by providing information and support for patients with Cancer of Unknown Primary (CUP), have joined forces to present the World Cup Awareness Week. The theme for 2022 is ‘The patient journey’ with the aim of identifying the challenges and opportunities for Cancer of Unknown Primary patients, families healthcare professionals and researchers.