Thu 27 Apr 2023

On-demand: featuring presentation and speaker Q&A: You asked and we listened! This webinar promotes the amazing work happening in local charities near you to support adults with profound learning disabilities and complex needs. Discover the impact that the Myriad Centre is having on families and carers in need of long term support and be inspired to create new connections with services to enhance patient outcomes. 

Complex Needs: Person Centred Care Planning
On-demand 1 hour CPD Free

What is it about?

By assessing the benefits of collaborative working, this easy to follow, one hour webinar will demonstrate the value of multi-agency working, illustrate the importance of respite care and help you connect to similar services in your local area. After just one hour, log off ready to:

  • Access services working in the community to support complex needs
  • Advance your approaches to building an effective care plan with your adult clients
  • Investigate how you can connect with SEN schools, adult services and GPs to improve outcomes
  • Raise awareness and best practice for adults with complex needs and disabilities
  • Evaluate the impact of providing respite services families, carers and clients

Support and guidance for you in your own time

Assess and determine the opportunities available to improve outcomes for adults with life limiting conditions in the community. Join to benefit from:

  • 40 minutes presentation time and 15 minutes Q&A session with the Myriad Centre
  • Important guidance and evidenced insights for profound learning disability
  • Featuring an engaging video you can access in your own time
  • Free to all NHS and public sector professionals
  • Immediately accessible on the 'watch now' tab
1 hour video | Filmed on Thursday 27th April 2023 | featuring:
Introduction and instructions
Richard Whateley, Director, The Myriad Centre
Person Centred Care Planning for Adults with Complex Needs in the Community
  • Ensuring multi-disciplinary care planning for complex needs and learning disabilities
  • Demonstrating the benefits of collaborative, joint decision making with parents and carers to support day care
  • Measuring outcomes in delivering effective holistic respite care for parents, carers and clients
Alison Cooke, Clinical Lead, The Myriad Centre
Question and answer session
  • Your webinar host and presenter will use this time to answer the questions asked throughout the presentation plus any discussion points raised
Close of webinar

FREE for all NHS professionals, click on video below to view:

First-hand speaker experience

A unique forum packed with examples of best practice, novel ideas and expert advice from:

Job Title:
Clinical Lead
The Myriad Centre

Alison Cooke is a children’s and adult nurse and health visitor with a BSc (hons) in Health Studies and a MA in medical ethics and law. She has over 25 years' experience working within children’s and adult palliative care. In 2002 Alison became the first Care Development Manager for the Association of Children’s Hospices, (now Together for Short Lives) from where she moved to become Clinical Lead for Children’s Community Nursing Services in Coventry. From 2006 - 2016, she was Director of Care at Rainbows Hospice for Children and Young People in the East Midlands. A founder member of the Open University Sexuality Alliance in 2011, Alison has completed several independent consultancy projects and presentations. Alison is currently Client Care Development Manager at The Myriad Centre in Worcestershire, an organisation that provides day care support for adults with profound and multiple learning disabilities and complex health needs.

Job Title:
The Myriad Centre

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