Tue 29 Mar 2022

On-demand: featuring presentation and speaker Q&A: Designed for NHS professionals delivering care for patients with long-term conditions. If you are seeking to implement virtual group clinics and improve management of your workload, this free webinar is for you. Watch now to explore new approaches to remote group consultations and consider the benefits for you, your service and your patients. 

Establishing Virtual Group Clinics Webinar
On-demand 1 hour CPD Free

Engaging and experienced speakers who will guide you through their understanding of your pressures

Take one hour out to learn the practicalities of delivering virtual group clinics, plus benefit from:
  • Discovering the opportunities and challenges of implementing virtual group clinics in your service
  • Improving clinician efficiency and managing an increasing number of patients
  • Identifying and measuring the outcomes for clinicians and patients
  • Case study: Exploring virtual group clinics in practice

Support and guidance for you in your own time

Packed with examples that will help you adapt to the pressures of COVID-19, plus benefit from:
  • One hour of presentation and speaker Q&A
  • Featuring an engaging video you can access in your own time
  • Immediately accessible on the 'watch now' tab
1 hour video | Filmed on Thursday 29th March 2022 | featuring:
Introduction and Instructions
Implementing and developing virtual group clinics in your service
  • From planning to implementation: discover opportunities and overcome challenges
  • Utilising virtual group clinics to manage increasing numbers of patients and develop efficiency
  • Exploring and measuring the outcomes for clinicians and patients
  • Case study: Exploring the practicalities of group consultations
Maggi Bradley, Queen’s Nurse and Clinical Nurse Lead, Sefton Training Hub, Southport and Formby health.
Question and answer session with your speaker
  • Your webinar host will use this time to answer the questions asked throughout the presentation plus address any discussion points raised
Maggi Bradley, Queen’s Nurse and Clinical Nurse Lead, Sefton Training Hub, Southport and Formby health.

FREE for all NHS professionals, click on video below to view:

First-hand speaker experiences

Exploring the journey of designing and implementing virtual group clinics into their service we welcome Maggi Bradley, Queen’s Nurse and Clinical Nurse Lead, Sefton Training Hub, Southport and Formby Health.  

Job Title:
Queen’s Nurse and Clinical Nurse Lead
Sefton Training Hub, Southport and Formby health

Maggi is proud to have been a nurse for more than 35 years. Initially training in Stafford and Liverpool, she began work in cardiothoracic medicine before qualifying as a midwife and leading the care of women and babies affected by substance abuse at the Christiana Hartley Hospital in Southport, UK. Qualifying as a Specialist Practitioner in 2000, Maggi began working as a General Practice Nurse, a role which she continues to this day. In 2016 she was nominated by her patients to become a Queens Nurse. In 2018 she was asked to take the role of Clinical Nurse Lead for Sefton Training Hub in North West UK. Here she works alongside universities and nursing students to promote General Practice Nursing as an exciting and dynamic career option which is central to the Government’s 10-year forward view and critical to forward thinking patient care. She also works with General Practice surgeries to open up new opportunities for students. In the 2021 General Practice AwardsMaggi was named ‘Practice Nurse of the Year’. She was also a 2021 finalist for the HRH The Prince of Wales Award for Integrated Approaches to Care at the annual Nursing Times Awards. In 2021 Maggi was awarded a fellowship with the NHS HEE Topol Digital Programe for her work with Video Group Clinics. She is a regular contributor to nursing publications, and broadcast media, and in her ‘spare time’ she is a wife, a mother to a teenage boy, a yoga junkie and an avid supporter of Liverpool Football Club.

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