Thu 16 Nov 2023
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Featuring presentation videos and accompanying slides: colleagues working within the continuing care community come together at this online course to focus on development of their service and implementation of effective communication. This course provided attendees with an opportunity to align with fellow professionals.

Participants left this day with the knowledge to improve collaborative working with parents and carers, and how to provide effective advice when the time comes to transition to adult services. Participants also gained practical advice on how to navigate the current changes happening in respite care and assessment eligibility in order to provide best practice care for your patients.

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Evolving your Children’s Continuing Care Team
On-demand 3 hours £299+VAT

3 hours Continuing Professional Development: what you will learn

Take the time to develop your service, enhance your knowledge and share best practice with colleagues from across the country. View the presentation video and slides and focus on:

  • Investigating best practice approaches for mediating parental expectations
  • Benchmarking and aligning national services to improve patient care
  • Establishing effective dialogue within Continuing Care Assessments
  • Understanding and adapting to changes in respite criteria
  • Effectively supporting transition to adult services and reducing the gap in care

To see an overview of the conference, the topics and content included, click this linke to read this article from the Chailey Heritage Foundation who spoke on the day >>

Meet your education and training needs in your own time

Packed with examples of best practice, novel ideas and expert advice, plus benefit from:

  • 3 CPD hours of presentation and speaker Q&A
  • Featuring engaging video and accompanying slides
  • Available at £299 + VAT for NHS and public sector professionals
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  • CPD Certificate issued to you after viewing the video

4 presentations | 10 parts | 3 CPD hours | Filmed on Thursday 16th November 2023

Introductions and chair’s opening remarks
Working collaboratively with parents
Best practice approaches for navigating parental expectations and alleviating common tensions
  • Exploring the role of parents and carers in improving outcomes for children’s continuing care
  • Working collaboratively to tap into parent resources and improve the quality of your service
  • Utilising technology to incorporate parents into the assessment process: mitigating miscommunication and establishing understanding
Joanna Grant, Healthcare Consultant and Independent Nurse Assessor, Solutions in Healthcare
Questions and answers with your speakers
Enhancing the role of your MDT
Evolving your MDT relationships: enhancing communication between commissioners and services
  • Understanding and navigating national framework changes for Continuing Care Package (CCP)
  • Enhancing ICB communication and collaboration to improve case load management
  • Clarifying the role of social versus health care in elevating quality of care
Sarah Glencrose, Clinical Service Lead, Children Community Nursing Service and Nicola Thomas, Children’s Continuing Care Lead Nurse, Kingston and Richmond SWL ICB and Children’s Community Nurse, Hounslow and Richmond Community NHS Trust
Questions and answers with your speakers
Navigating and streamlining your assessment processes
Exploring the assessment process: eligibility and non-eligibility decision making processes
  • How to achieve best practice: exploring children’s continuing care levels of need scoring and evidence to support
  • Understanding the process for eligibility / non-eligibility including NHS Sussex CYPCC local resolution process
  • Case Study: exploring the stages of the appeal process to ensure robust and equal decision making
Anne Bryson, Head of CYPCC, NHS Sussex ICB
Questions and answers with your speakers
Supporting transition for children’s continuing care
Bridging the gap between children and adult’s Continuing Care services
  • Deep dive into the impact of transitioning care at home and in the community to improve patient care
  • Exploring the framework for transitioning to adult services and how to reduce the gap in care
  • Identifying and overcoming challenges for transitioning children with complex needs; case load management and service strategies
Paula Marten, Assistant Headteacher, Chailey Heritage Foundation
Questions and answers with your speakers
Chair’s closing remarks

Your speaker line-up:

Job Title:
Clinical Service Lead
Children Community Nursing Service, Hounslow and Richmond Community Healthcare NHS Trust

Job Title:
Head of CYPCC
NHS Sussex ICB

Job Title:
Assistant Headteacher
Chailey Heritage Foundation

I’m Paula Marten, Assistant Headteacher at Chailey Heritage Foundation, a school for children and young people with complex neurodisabilities. Having worked in post-16 Special Education for 28 years, I have learnt a huge amount about the needs of young people and their families – and I am still learning! At Chailey, I lead on the transition to adult services, and this is an aspect of the school’s provision that I feel incredibly strongly about. The support and health care needs of these Young People don’t necessarily change when they reach the age of 18 – but the funding and the services available to them do. Support, information, and guidance for the individual and for the people who care for them throughout this incredibly challenging period is essential. I have worked to raise the profile of transition to adult services through speaking at All Party Parliamentary Groups, contributing written evidence to the latest Government report on Transition to Adulthood, and working with parent/carer forums in the South East. My work with the RSE (Relationships and Sex Education) team at Chailey is another passion. We deliver RSE training for teachers, carers and parents across the UK via the Sex Factor course, a programme written and developed at Chailey. At the core of this training is the belief in the right of children and young people to be enabled to make choices, enjoy meaningful connections with others and keep themselves safe – to the best of their ability, no matter how severe their disabilities. I am privileged to work in a progressive school with amazing people, and I want to share my insight and experience with others to raise awareness and keep on learning!

Job Title:
Children’s Continuing Care Lead Nurse and Children’s Community Nurse
Kingston and Richmond SWL ICB and Hounslow and Richmond Community NHS Trust

Job Title:
Healthcare Consultant and Independent Nurse Assessor
Solutions in Healthcare

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Past attendee feedback

Held as an interactive online forum and now available to you as a series of video presentations, here is some feedback on the excellent content from the professionals who attended:Attendees have previously found our Continuing Care courses interesting and insightful, allowing for plenty of networking opportunities. But don’t take our work for it! Take a look how other attendees have described their courses:

“This was a brilliant session with a really good balance of presentations and breakout sessions where you could share your views and thoughts”

Herts and West Essex ICB, Evolving your Children’s Continuing Care Team, November 2023

“Was great to hear from other teams and what works well for them as well as not so well”

Coventry and Warwickshire Partnership Trust, Evolving your Children’s Continuing Care Team, November 2023

“So many interesting points discussed and lots learned in the way other people and teams work”

NELC, Evolving your Children’s Continuing Care Team, November 2023

“All speakers very knowledgeable and experienced in their areas. Information very informative”

NHS Sussex, Evolving your Children’s Continuing Care Team, November 2023

“All the speakers gave clear information about their experiences and services which helped to lead in to the discussion groups”

Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust, Evolving your Children’s Continuing Care Team, November 2023

“Really enjoyed the day, thank you”

Midlands Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, Evolving your Children’s Continuing Care Team, November 2023

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Who came?

If you purchase and view the presentation video and accompanying sides, you will be in good company! The following is an insight into the job titles and organisations who came to Evolving your Children’s Continuing Care Team when it was held on Thursday 16th November 2023:

Job titles:

  • Assistant Headteacher
  • Childrens Community Nurse
  • Children's Complex Care Coordinator
  • Children's Complex Health Nurse
  • Childrens Continuig Care Case Manager
  • Children's Continuing Care Nurse
  • Continuing Care Nurse Assessor
  • CYPCC Clinical Assessor
  • CYPCC Nurse Assessor
  • Head of CYPCC
  • Lead Continuing Care Nurse
  • Lead for Continuing Care


  • Coventry and Warwickshire Partnership NHS Trust
  • Chailey Heritage School and Chailey Clinical Services
  • Dudley Integrated Health and Social Care NHS Trust
  • Hounslow and Richmond Community Healthcare NHS Trust
  • Midlands Partnership NHS Foundation Trust
  • NHS Hertfordshire and West Essex ICB
  • NHS Sussex ICB
  • North East Lincolnshire Council
  • Nottingham Citycare
  • Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust
  • Sandwell and West Birmingham NHS Trust
  • Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust