On-demand: featuring presentation and speaker Q&A: Is your maternity unit challenged with a shortage of dietitians, but a growing number of women being diagnosed with gestational diabetes? This webinar has been specifically created to upskill midwives so that you can provide individualised care for women with gestational diabetes. This free 1-hour webinar will delve into real-world case studies leaving you with the practical confidence for supporting women with GDM.

Improving Midwife Support for Women with Gestational Diabetes
On-demand 1 hour Free

What is it about?

Take a proactive approach to your learning and view this online webinar to enhance your existing knowledge of gestational diabetes. Free and online, discover how you can improve care from diagnosis throughout pregnancy and beyond by:

  • Discovering the latest research developments for GDM
  • Understanding the trends and adapting your care
  • Supporting women through a gestational diabetes diagnosis
  • Providing women with evidenced based nutritional guidance to manage GDM

Support and guidance for you in your own time

FREE for all NHS professionals, learn how to provide supportive and evidenced based care for women with gestational diabetes, plus benefit from:

  • One hour of presentation and speaker Q&A
  • Featuring an engaging video you can access in your own time
  • Free to all NHS and public sector professionals
  • Immediately accessible on the 'watch now' tab
Improving midwife support for woman with gestational diabetes
  • Exploring gestational diabetes trends and impact of the latest research
  • Navigating the diagnosis of gestational diabetes
  • Providing women with evidenced based nutritional guidance
Komal Kumar, Diabetes Obstetric Dietitian, Epsom and St Helier University Hospitals NHS Trust
Questions and answers with Komal Kumar

FREE for all NHS professionals, click on video below to view:

Your expert speaker

Enhance your knowledge and equip yourself with evidence-based approaches to supporting women with gestational diabetes with:

Job Title:
Diabetes Obstetric Dietitian
Epsom and St Helier University Hospitals NHS Trust  

Komal works as Diabetes Obstetric Dietitian in NHS and has a research interest in improving care provision in Gestational Diabetes. She has 16 years of experience as a dietitian in different specialities such as endocrinology, gastroenterology, bariatrics, paediatrics and oncology, which gives an all-rounded approach to her dietetic treatments. 

Currently serves as the Chair of the Maternal and Fertility Nutrition Specialist Group at British Dietetic Association (BDA). She aims to contribute towards streamlining and facilitating timely evidence-based dietetics for patients during preconception and pregnancy. She has contributed towards the development of patient resources for Pregnancy and Male fertility at the BDA and has contributed towards guidelines for weight management for women with infertility with Practice Evidence in Nutrition (PEN). 

She also served as Research Fellow in Women's Health at University of Plymouth and won the Best Abstract award in the Maternal and Fertility Stream at BDA Research Symposium 2022.

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