Tue 21 Mar 2023

On-demand: featuring presentation and speaker Q&A: view this free one hour webinar and benefit from guidance directly from the Money and Pensions Service to ensure you fully benefit from the NHS pension programme and understand what simple steps you could consider to maximise your contributions. Discover how the pension scheme works, investigate the benefits of enrolment and explore how personal events in the present can make a big impact on your future retirement plans.

NHS Pensions Explained: Setting Yourself Up for the Future
On-demand 1 hour Free

What is it about?

Designed to explain the benefits of being enrolled into an NHS pension scheme, this easy to follow one hour webinar will debunk complicated terminology and improve your financial literacy to prepare you for the future. After just one hour, log off and:

  • Feel positive about your financial future through the NHS pension scheme
  • Gain a new understanding about how to manage and maximise your pension scheme
  • Be empowered to have meaningful conversations about your pension
  • Recognise common life events that could jeopardise the health of your pension
  • Feel confident that you have the tools and knowledge to support yourself in future

Support and guidance for you in your own time

FREE for all NHS professionals, boost your financial awareness and benefit from:

  • One hour of presentation and speaker Q&A
  • Featuring an engaging video you can access in your own time
  • Free to all NHS and public sector professionals
  • Immediately accessible on the 'watch now' tab
1 hour video | Filmed on Tuesday 21st March 2023 | featuring:
Introduction and instructions
Presenter Cath Laycock, Pensions Technical Specialist, Money and Pensions Service will be joined by Janice Cowling, Assistant Technical Specialist at Moneyhelper to help answer your questions
NHS Pensions Explained: Setting yourself up for the future
  • Deep diving into the NHS pension scheme: how it works and how you can benefit
  • Investigating the rewards of the NHS pension scheme and establishing what to expect from your state pension
  • Exploring how decisions can impact your pension: menopause, breaks in work and maternity leave
Question and answer session
  • Your webinar host and presenter will use this time to answer the questions asked throughout the presentation plus any discussion points raised.

FREE for all NHS professionals, click on video below to view:

First-hand speaker experience

Make the first steps in improving your financial wellbeing and to build a better, more confident future with:

Job Title:
Pensions Technical Specialist
Money and Pensions Service

I am a Pensions Technical Specialist at MoneyHelper and I spend my days helping members of the public with pension queries. MoneyHelper provide free impartial advice about financial matters, and pensions is my speciality. 

I have a particular interest in how menopause can affect your pension by reducing your income and therefore the amount of pension you’re building up, and your ability to make decisions about a complicated subject. 


Job Title:
Assistant Technical Specialist

I have worked in the Pensions Industry for 16 years, of which the last four years has been as an Assistant Technical Specialist at Moneyhelper. I have worked in a number of roles for both Defined Benefit and Defined Contribution schemes, doing different administration roles varying from dealing with the contributions coming into the scheme right through to the members being paid their benefits.

I regularly help to deliver Pension Wise appointments to members of the public and gain a great deal of satisfaction from helping our customers to better understand their pension benefits and the options available to them.

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