Tue 16 Jul 2024 13:00-14:00

Designed for all HCPs required to prescribe weight-loss drugs for obesity 

With the emergence of new NHS approved weight-loss drugs and an increasing demand for their use from patients, this webinar will equip you with the knowledge you require for rolling out effective prescribing whilst providing safe and effective advice. Clarify your understanding with this best practice guide to drug availability, patient eligibility, optimal dosage and side effect management. 

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Obesity Management Training: Your Guide to NHS Approved Weight-Loss Drugs
Online 1 hour Free

1 hour Continuing Professional Development: what you will learn

Would you like to gain a practical understanding for prescribing weight-loss drugs and supporting your patients on them? Book your place to benefit from shared experience and insight from your webinar leader, Professor Rob Andrews:

  • Explore which drugs are available to prescribe
  • How to roll out the weight-loss drugs: setting up your processes
  • Prioritise and stratify eligible patients
  • Understand the dosage: where to start?
  • Limit side effects to ensure maximum dosage
  • Best practice approaches for managing your waiting list

Developed with convenience in mind: join this 1-hour webinar

Build your knowledge and confidence. Benefit from:

  • 40 minutes presentation time and 20 minutes Q&A session
  • Important guidance for prescribing and managing weight-loss drugs for obesity
  • Your questions will be answered during the speaker Q&A and discussion with other attendees during this live webinar, using the chat box function
  • Or you can catch up with the webinar content at any time after it takes place

This 1 hour webinar has been designed for NHS professionals and services.

Introduction and instructions
Professor Rob Andrews, Associate Professor of Diabetes and Endocrinology, University of Exeter Medical School
Obesity management training: Your guide to NHS approved weight-loss drugs
  • Exploring which drugs are available to prescribe
  • How to roll out the weight-loss drugs: setting up your processes
  • Prioritising and stratifying eligible patients
  • Understanding the dosage: where to start?
  • Limiting side effects to ensure maximum dosage
  • Best practice approaches for managing your waiting list
Questions and answers with Rob Andrews
  • Your presenter will use this time to answer the questions asked throughout the presentation plus any discussion points raised
Close of webinar

First-hand speaker experience

Benefit from the wealth of experience and practical understanding of your world-leading speaker: 

Job Title:
Associate Professor of Diabetes and Endocrinology
University of Exeter Medical School

Rob Andrews is an associate Professor at the University of Exeter, an Honorary Consultant Physician at Musgrove Park Hospital Taunton.

At the University he leads a group that researches the role that exercise, and diet can play in the prevention and management of diabetes and Obesity. Ongoing studies include testing whether remote support can maintain activity in people with type 2 diabetes (MOTIVATE T2D) and people with morbid obesity; how apps can support weight loss in tier 3 clinics and which bariatric operation is best (ByBandSleeve). He is also leading on development of a Tier 3 Obesity database and patient app for the Society of Endocrinology.

In Taunton, Rob leads the Diabetes and Obesity Research team. Until last year he was the medical lead for a large multidisciplinary weight management service. This is a holistic service offering specialised dietary and exercise programs, drug therapy and bariatric surgery as well as running clinics for people with eating disorders and complications post surgery. In recognition of this service, Taunton is designated an International Centre of Excellence for Bariatric Surgery.

Expected attendees

1-hour online webinar for all HCPs involved in prescribing and management weight-loss drugs including doctors, nurses and pharmacists.

  • This webinar is free to attend for all NHS professionals

Past attendee feedback

With successful diabetes conference, webinars and online training under our belts, take a look at how our previous diabetes webinars and conferences have been described and what you can take away from this training so far in 2024:

'Absolutely brilliant – engaging'

Countess of Chester Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

'Thought-provoking, very useful and well run'

Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust

'Amazing conference. Lots learnt to take bac to improve clinical practice and patient care'

County Durham and Darlington NHS Foundation Trust

'Very good for reinforcing knowledge/ advice'

Tower house, Ryde, IOW

'Excellent easy to understand. really excellent speakers'

Greenridge Surgery

'I feel inspired and able to help my patients with more confidence'

Lakeside Healthcare, Hereward Surgery

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