Tue 12 Mar 2024
Past event

Attendees at this national conference in Manchester spent the day benchmarking their services and hearing about innovations that their whole team could implement, leaving the event inspired to provide support during financial difficulties, develop service models in line with current needs and implement national recommendations.

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Elevate your Transition Pathways from Paediatric to Adult Services, Manchester 2024
Past event

Key learning outcomes

  • A best practice guide to good transition processes and overcoming pathway difficulties
  • How to refine your process: navigating the change from continuing care to continuing healthcare
  • Practical steps to reduce the financial burden on your families in a cost-of-living crisis
  • Alternative approaches to service set up: the benefits of a community model
  • Guidance on the role and rights of the parents/carers in their children’s transition process
  • How to effectively incorporate support workers in your team
Benchmarking your service nationally
Overcoming the gaps in transition health care: an investigation into Diabetes Transition services
  • Lessons learned: how the diabetes National Transition and Young Adult Pilot Programme can improve your service delivery
  • Improving the transition experience: investigating common service concerns such as funding and resources
  • What are the next steps: how the evidence and outcomes of the pilot will affect your service
Dr Reza Zaidi, Hon. National Advisor (NHS England) - Transition and Young Adult Pilot Programme, Liverpool University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Bringing national recommendations to life
Practical steps to achieving good health care transition: applying the findings of ‘The Inbetweeners’ report
  • What do we learn from the NCEPOD ‘The Inbetweeners’ 2023’?
  • Working in line with the recommendations: reflections from a patient’s journey
  • Involving young people and their parents in the planning of care and movement into adult service
  • Bridging the gap: developing a culture of early and effective communication between all specialities
Jacqui Rogers, Transition Lead Nurse, Alder Hey Children’s NHS Foundation Trust and Alison Tavaré Regional Clinical Lead NHS @Home, Clinical Lead West of England AHSN and Clinical Co-ordinator at NCEPOD
Interactive discussion: Tapping into your health care transition community library: lessons learnt from your colleagues
  • Share your health care transition journey, what is your current service set up and what recommendations are you following?
  • Whilst reflecting on the journey of your service, what challenge did you not expect and how did you overcome it?
  • In a year’s time what would you like to see different about your service? What steps are you currently doing to achieve this?
Exploring a community health care transition service
Evaluating your options: ‘how to’ guide on implementing a community model
  • Meeting the needs of your area: community-based approaches for transition care
  • Utilising action plans and annual health reviews to successfully prepare families to lead their own health care transition processes
  • Centring your service on the voice of young people: encouraging patient empowerment in their care
Debra Stevens, Transition Lead, Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust and Florence Rugara, Transition to Adulthood Nurse, Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust
Reducing families’ financial burden
Interactive discussion: Easing financial stress: supporting families in hard times
  • What trends/patterns have you noticed and discussed in your teams regarding financial challenges that you are seeing?
  • What steps are you taking to provide financial resources to your patients and their families?
  • How has your service financially dealt with comorbidity regarding aspects such as medications and supporting families in their health care transition?
Streamlining the health care transition process
Overcoming the barriers of transitioning from continuing care to continuing healthcare
  • The transition process for young people with complex neurodisabilities
  • Supporting families in their transition journey
  • Lessons learned and new challenges
Paula Marten, Assistant Headteacher, Chailey Heritage Foundation
Expanding your team
Interactive discussion: Exploring your team dynamics
  • Describe your current team dynamic. What roles does everyone have and how do you currently work together?
  • What changes have happened over the last 3 years in the dynamic of your team and how has this improved your service?
  • Looking into the future: What are your teams’ goals? How are you looking to expand or incorporate new colleagues?
Developing and growing your team: incorporating youth support workers
  • Best practice guide to expanding your service, overcoming the challenges of expansion
  • The impact of youth support workers: how additional support can reduce case load management
  • Navigating the dynamics of including youth support workers in your teams
Darren Meade, Youth Worker, Paediatric and Young Adult Diabetes Team, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust
Supporting your families
Interactive discussion: Insights on empowering and supporting your families
  • What steps have you taken to support the empowerment of your families and patients in the transition pathway?
  • Share resources you would recommend to your colleagues to better support their families and why?
Chair’s closing remarks

Invaluable guidance that will keep you up-to-date

We were pleased to be joined and hear from the transition teams who have made progress and see how you can adapt their processes and approaches to transform your delivery and achieve tangible improvements.

The speaker line-up:

Job Title:
Youth Work Manager
Youth Services, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHYS Trust

Job Title:
Hon. National Advisor (NHS England) - Transition and Young Adult Pilot Programme
Liverpool University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Job Title:
Transition Lead Nurse
Alder Hey Children’s NHS Foundation Trust

Jacqui qualified as a Registered General Nurse in 1990, as a Registered Midwife in 1992, and as a Health Visitor in 2001. She has always worked in and around caring for women and children, and implementation of the Public Health agenda.

Jacqui has performed a number of roles in the last 25 years as a Team midwife, a Childrens Centre Midwife, a health visitor, and a Matron in Maternity services.

After completing a Master’s Degree in Business Management in the Public Sector she changed her career pathway to experience some time in general management as a Service Manager, trying to influence change. However she missed the patient contact and after 5 years she returned to a Nursing role as Transition Service Lead Nurse at Alder Hey NHS Children’s Foundation Trust, and has been leading with Dr Lynda Brook the development and implementation of the 10 steps Transition Pathway and toolkit on behalf of the Trust.

Jacqui has presented Alder Hey’s 10 Steps Transition Pathway and toolkit at National Transition Conferences, a number of areas across the country have adopted the 10 Steps Transition Pathway; Jacqui also shares this model with student nurses at Chester, Edge Hill and John Moores University’s. Jacqui delivers multi-agency Transition training regularly, and in 2016 founded and chairs the North West Region Multi Agency Transition Network.

In February 2017 Jacqui and Lynda had their first Publication of the ‘10 Steps Transition pathway’ in a National Medical Journal this link to review this article is https://www.entandaudiologynews.com/features/ent-features/post/10-steps-to-improving-transition-to-adult-services

A second piece of work was published in December 2018 in the International Journal of Nursing; the link to review this article is http://ijnnet.com/current-ijn.

The transition team at Alder Hey were successful in an application to share the ’10 Steps Transition Pathway’ and transition developments at Alder Hey at the 1st European Transition Symposium. Jacqui and Lynda travelled to Switzerland and Jacqui presented this work to International colleagues there in September 2018.

Jacqui has great passion and insight into this role both professionally and on a personal level, as two of her four children have long term conditions and will require Transition to adult services and lifelong care.

Job Title:
Regional Clinical Lead, Clinical Lead and Clinical Co-Ordinator
NHS @Home, West of England AHSN and NCEPOD

Alison is a GP by background and a clinical coordinator with NCEPOD and one of the co-authors of the ‘Inbetweeners’ study. As a GP she worked in student health for many years so enabling children and young people to move easily between healthcare providers was a clinical priority.

Alison also co-leads the South West Learning Disability Collaborative. The SWLDC is a network of clinicians, carers, families and experts by experience who are working together with academics and policy makers to improve outcomes for people with a learning disability. 

As part of her portfolio career, she is also a NHSE South West Regional Clinical Lead. This was originally as part of the COVID response but the role now supports the development and delivery of NHS@home and virtual wards to enable patients to be looked after at home during an episode of acute illness. 

Underpinning these roles is her work as a Primary Care clinical lead at the West of England Academic Health Science Network. She has a special interest in the prompt identification and management of the deteriorating patient and particularly the use of NEWS2 as a common language across the NHS and its use in out of hospital settings.

Job Title:
Transition Lead
Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

Job Title:
Transition to Adulthood Nurse, Birmingham
Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

Job Title:
Assistant Headteacher
Chailey Heritage Foundation

I’m Paula Marten, Assistant Headteacher at Chailey Heritage Foundation, a school for children and young people with complex neurodisabilities. Having worked in post-16 Special Education for 28 years, I have learnt a huge amount about the needs of young people and their families – and I am still learning! 

At Chailey Heritage Foundation, I lead on Transition to Adult Services, and this is an aspect of the school’s provision that I feel incredibly strongly about. The support and health care needs of these young people don’t necessarily change when they reach the age of 18 – but the funding and the services available to them do. As part of my work on Transition, I have led the development of services to support young people and their families through the NHS Continuing Care/Continuing Healthcare assessment process. Support, information, and guidance for the individual and for the people who care for them throughout this incredibly challenging period is essential. I have worked to raise the profile of Transition to Adult services through speaking at All Party Parliamentary Groups, contributing written evidence to the latest Government report on Transition to Adulthood, and working with parent/carer forums in the Southeast. 

My work with the RSE (Relationships and Sex Education) team at Chailey is another passion. We deliver RSE training for teachers, carers and parents across the UK via the Sex Factor course, a programme written and developed at Chailey. At the core of this training is the belief in the right of children and young people to be enabled to make choices, enjoy meaningful connections with others and keep themselves safe – to the best of their ability, no matter how severe their disabilities. I am privileged to work in a progressive school with amazing people, and I want to share my insight and experience with others to raise awareness and to keep on learning.

Job Title:
Youth Worker, Paediatric and Young Adult Diabetes Team
Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Darren is a nationally qualified youth worker, with 27 years’ experience of providing youth work support for young people in a variety of settings. He has previously worked on the Teenage Cancer Unit at St James’ Leeds Teaching Hospital Trust, and his current youth work role is with the Paediatric & Young Adult Diabetes Team at LTHT. Last year he produced a research paper, for an MA in Youth Work & Community Development, which explored how the role of Youth Work can help to reduce DNA rates and improve the transition experience for patients who are living with Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes. He aims to publish the findings of this research later this year and is also planning to base his future PhD research on this topic. He lives in Leeds and spends much of his spare time pondering if he’ll ever feel like he’s winning the never-ending war with his garden.

Who came?

Previously held as an online meeting, this face-to-face conference for paediatric and transition professionals looking to enhance their services included:

  • Transition MDTs
  • Community, Transition and Specialist Children’s Nurses
  • Service Leads and Managers for Transition, Complex Care and Community Care
  • Consultant Paediatricians and Paediatric Clinical Leads
  • Consultant in Specialist Adult Services
  • Family Support and Youth Workers
  • Matrons and Sisters

Past attendee feedback

This event followed on from a series of successful online transition training courses but don’t take our word for it, check out the great feedback from our previous attendees:

“Very informative, quality speakers and information given. Good range of people (speakers and attendees) from different backgrounds, with a variety of skills. All motivated and passionate about what has been good, giving information and ways to improve the transition service.”

Brimingham Women’s and Children’s NHS Foundation Trust, Improving the Transition of Young People into Adult Services, March 2023

“Fantastic and valuable insight on other transition models.”

NHS Tayside, Improving the Transition of Young People into Adult Services, March 2023

“Really helpful and gave me lots of ideas on how to approach things within my own Trust.”

Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Improving the Transition of Young People into Adult Services, March 2023

“Very informative study day with a wide range of speakers with different perspectives on transition. Very good for networking.”

Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Expanding your Transition Service to Support Young Adults, October 2022

“Really interesting, new speakers and re-invigorated my plans for continuing to develop my transition service.”

Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Expanding your Transition Service to Support Young Adults, October 2022

“It's been energising and inspiring. It was a really good balance between policy direction, research, examples of service improvements and patient stories.”

Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Integrated Care System, Enhancing Adolescent Care and Transition into Adult Services, July 2021

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