Wed 6 Mar 2024 09:00-15:30
Online Conference

Come together with Systemic Anti-Cancer Therapy (SACT) NHS professionals from across the country at this online national update and get your knowledge up to speed in a friendly and informative environment. Dedicate one day to this SACT National Networking Forum and leave this event ready to enhance your capacity, overcome your workforce challenges and support your patients' outcomes with the latest advances in treatment. 

SACT providers are welcome to attend as conference sponsors. Please contact for further details.

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Navigating Advances: SACT National Networking Forum
Online 5.5 hours CPD £99+VAT

5.5 hours Continuing Professional Development and networking: what you will learn

Join us online to benefit from an excellent opportunity to refresh your knowledge and engage with this outstanding balance of scientific, practical and multi-professional learning. This dedicated forum will focus on:

  • Guidance and shared protocols for TKIs with immunotherapy
  • Capacity challenges and managing growing numbers of patients
  • Building a business case for workforce development
  • Implications of exercise of cancer treatments and outcomes

Invitation to sponsor

SBK Healthcare National Conferences are designed to enable SACT providers to support healthcare professionals. If you would like to sponsor this forum please email Sarah Kemm or call Sarah on 01732 897788 to find out about all the engagement and branding opportunities available in the full sponsorship package.

Registration, technical support and networking opportunity
Introduction, instructions and leader’s opening remarks
Dr Rosie Roberts, SACT Specialist Nurse, Velindre Cancer Centre, Velindre University NHS Trust
Understanding targeted treatments
Your guide to targeted treatments for cancer and the related genetics
  • Considering how targeted treatments work: what you need to know in your SACT team
  • Exploring what each diagnosis means and how treatment decisions are made
  • Implications for SACT teams: managing the side effects and supporting your patients
Philandra Costello and Donna Gillen, Genomics Lead Nurses CAS GMSA, Central & South Genomic Medicine Service Alliance
Implementing effective protocols
Implementing protocols for combining tyrosine kinase inhibitors (TKIs) with immunotherapy
  • Treating bowel cancer with immunotherapy: exploring the evidence
  • Navigating the implication of combined TKI with IO and understanding the risk of adverse effects
  • Real-world case studies explored
Dr Aspasia Soultati, Medical Oncologist, University Hospitals Sussex NHS Foundation Trust
Questions and answers with your speakers
Screen break
Managing capacity
Overcoming your capacity challenges: managing the growing numbers of patients in your unit
  • Understanding the contributors and exploring different ways of working
  • Balancing staffing and capacity challenges with growing patient numbers
  • Meeting your targets and providing people with treatments
Claire Marsh, SACT Project Manager and Clinical Nurse Specialist, Wessex Cancer Alliance and University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust
Increasing capacity in your SACT service: building a business case for workforce development
  • Data analysis of capacity within your unit: how are you currently performing?
  • Increasing capacity without extra estate: recruitment, training and retention
  • Advanced Clinical Practitioners within SACT: exploring the benefits of the framework on capacity challenges
Sam Toland, Lead Chemotherapy Nurse, Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust
Questions and answers with your speakers
Interactive discussion: Overcoming capacity challenges in your SACT service
  • What are the main challenges facing your SACT service at the moment in relation to capacity?
  • How are you managing growing numbers of patients?
  • What does your workforce look like at the moment? How are you working towards to recruiting new team members?
Opportunity for attendees to share their experiences in meeting rooms, then return to the main conference to feedback with the course leader
Feedback from interactive discussion: Overcoming capacity challenges in your SACT service
Lunch break
Early Identification
Enhancing education to keep up with developing drugs and their toxicities
  • Learning from experts within acute oncology to improve your SACT service delivery
  • Understanding and managing toxicities effectively to keep patients out of hospital
  • Measuring the outcomes: benefits on the service, patient outcomes and training levels
Emma Earnshaw, Macmillan Advanced Nurse Practitioner/NMP, Acute Oncology/SACT Trust Nurse Lead, Buckinghamshire Healthcare Trust, UKONS AO MIG Chair and TVCA AOS CAG Nurse lead
Questions and answers with the speakers
Interactive discussion: Keeping up-to-date with the latest treatment developments
  • How does your team currently keep updated with progressions in treatments and therapies?
  • How do you update within your team when supporting patients on new treatment pathways?
  • Looking to the future, how do you think things will continue to develop within your SACT service?
Opportunity for attendees to share their experiences in meeting rooms, then return to the main conference to feedback with the course leader
Feedback from interactive discussion on Keeping up-to-date with the latest treatment developments
Screen break
Physical activity and cancer
Exploring implications of prehab and exercise on treatment plans and outcomes for SACT patients
  • Exploring impact of prehab on treatment tolerability and clinical outcomes
  • Exercising during treatment: tolerability and side effects
  • Incorporating guidance and support into your SACT service: what you need to know
Dr Sam Orange, Clinical Exercise Physiologist and Deputy Director of Research in the School of Biomedical, Nutritional and Sport Sciences, Newcastle University
Questions and answers with your speakers
Build your action plan and consolidate your learning through interactive discussion
Chair's closing remarks and close of day

Your confirmed, expert speakers

Job Title:
SACT Specialist Nurse
Velindre Cancer Centre, Velindre University NHS Trust

Rosie has over 20 years’ experience working in oncology and currently works as a SACT specialist nurse at Velindre Cancer Centre, Cardiff, where her responsibilities include staff and patient education, policy development, and working as an independent nurse prescriber. She also has a role as Clinical Lead nurse for SACT and Acute Oncology with the Wales Cancer Network where her role includes working with teams across Wales to reduce duplication of effort and ensure high quality of patient care in both SACT and Acute oncology services. She has led the implementation of several Wales wide initiatives including the development of all Wales Cancer Treatment Alert cards and is currently leading on a review of 24 hour triage lines across Wales . Rosie is chair of the All-Wales SACT nurse forum and chair of the UKONS SACT members interest group. She also has an active role on a number of national workstreams including the CRUK National consent forms steering group, the National SACT protocols group and National Extravasation guidelines group. She completed her PhD studies in 2020 and is actively involved in promoting and undertaking nurse led research with a particular interest in improving the patient experience of SACT induced toxicities.

Job Title:
Genomics Lead Nurse CAS GMSA
Central & South Genomic Medicine Service Alliance

Since becoming a Registered Nurse in 1993, Philandra's career has spanned various countries and diverse adult specialties. She has been working within genomics since 2011 first as a research sister for cancer and rare disease genetics studies before taking on the role of Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) for the 100,000 Genomes Project and began working in the GMSA in May 2022 as the Lead Genomics Nurse. Philandra is passionate about bridging the gap between genomics and nursing through genomic awareness and education, striving to empower healthcare professionals with the knowledge and skills required for personalised and effective care in the genomics era. Outside of her professional pursuits, she finds solace in reading and rejuvenate through swimming.

Job Title:
Genomics Lead Nurse CAS GMSA
Central & South Genomic Medicine Service Alliance

Since qualifying as a Registered General Nurse from Queen Elizabeth College of Nursing in Birmingham in 1994, I have been committed to delivering quality care for patients and their families. I have over 20 years’ experience as a cancer nurse administering cytotoxic and targeted treatments in hospitals and the community; inclusive of 10 years leading oncology clinical trials supporting and advocating for patients. I have always striven to practice personalised care and believe the rise in genomic understanding enables patients to control their healthcare choices. I have worked as a Lead Nurse for Central and South Genomic Medicine Service Alliance since April 2022.

Job Title:
Medical Oncologist
University Hospitals Sussex NHS Foundation Trust

Job Title:
SACT Project Manager and Clinical Nurse Specialist
Wessex Cancer Alliance and University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust

Job Title:
Lead Chemotherapy Nurse
Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust

Sam has been a cancer / haemato-oncology nurse for over 23 years, having worked initially in Haemato-oncology and stem cell transplant, she then went on to become a Chemotherapy nurse trainer, responsible for the chemotherapy training and education of all nursing staff in a large teaching hospital trust. During this time, she also commenced a post at Birmingham City University as a senior lecturer in Haemato-oncology and chemotherapy, running modules in SACT, Haemato-oncology, Stem Cell Transplant and also supporting the non-medical prescribing programmes alongside her clinical roles. She has also had roles as a Leukaemia Nurse Specialist, an Acute Oncology Nurse Practitioner, and is currently a Lead Chemotherapy Nurse of a large acute hospital trust, and continues as a visiting lecturer at Birmingham City University. 

She is also the Chair of the West Midlands Cancer Alliance SACT EAG, and a member of the National Clinical Leads Group for Chemotherapy.

Job Title:
Macmillan Advanced Nurse Practitioner/NMP, Acute Oncology/SACT Trust Nurse Lead, UKONS AO MIG Chair and TVCA AOS CAG Nurse lead
Buckinghamshire Healthcare Trust

Job Title:
Clinical Exercise Physiologist and Deputy Director of Research in the School of Biomedical, Nutritional and Sport Sciences
Newcastle University

Dr Sam Orange is a registered Clinical Exercise Physiologist. He is also the Deputy Director of Research in the School of Biomedical, Nutritional and Sport Sciences at Newcastle University. His research focuses on the potential role of physical activity to improve health outcomes in people diagnosed with cancer. He is also interested in how physical activity may help prevent certain cancers from developing and progressing. He has contributed to European strategic plans for cancer prevention, he is an editorial board member at well-regarded scientific journals, and his research has informed national policies on cancer rehabilitation. 

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Expected attendees

During the past 3 years over 1000 people have benefited from attending our online and interactive oncology educational forums.

This conference is ideal for NHS professionals working in SACT MDTs. This includes but is not limited to:

  • SACT, Chemotherapy and Acute Oncology Clinical Nurse Specialists, Advanced Nurse Practitioners and Nurse Consultants
  • Pharmacists
  • Managers
  • Sisters and Matrons
  • Consultants

Past attendee feedback

Following 3 years of online forums, this oncology conference is not to be missed! Take a look at how attendees have previously described our training: 

“Extremely informative, some good ideas to take forward into our area.”

Northern Care Alliance NHS Foundation Trust, Providing Personalised Care and Support Planning, November 2023

“Excellent speakers with a real passion for lung cancer, reassuring that we all have the problems no matter where we work.”

The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust, Progressing your Lung Cancer Service, September 2023

“It was brilliant to hear about progress and setbacks experienced by colleagues across the UK.”

University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust, Establishing Acute Oncology SDEC, September 2023

“Very informative, makes you more aware of how other trusts work, well delivered, certainly gives confidence to explore your triage assessments and how to gain more knowledge and different ideas for triage.”

Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust, Oncology Nurse-led Telephone Triage Assessment , April 2023

“A brilliant study day - very educational.”

Dartford and Gravesham NHS Trust, Enhancing your MUO/CUP Pathways, March 2023

“The presentations are so helpful and will help manage patients in clinical practice.”

Surrey and Sussex NHS Healthcare Trust, Identifying and Treating Immuno-Oncology (IO) Adverse Effects, December 2022

Why sponsor?

Our role at SBK Healthcare is to bring industry together with healthcare professionals so that you can educate and inform your audience. These trail-blazing forums offer dedicated presentation, Q&A, networking and discussion time, each sponsor will be full immersed into the event and able to effectively engage with your NHS audience.

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