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Designed to help you make the most of your attendance at SBK Healthcare interactive online forums. This 5 minute guidance video will talk you through the key aspects of your forum – making both technical and functional aspects easy and understandable.

Attendee Guide to SBK Interactive Forums
On-demand 5 mins Free

Great! You’ve booked your place; this is what you need to know

This practical video will walk you step-by-step through how your online forum will work, focusing on:

  • How you will hear from us, practice sessions and what you need to know in advance of the forum
  • On the day, access to the forum and how the presentations and interactive discussions work
  • Technical guidance, how to use the different functions and get help if it isn’t working for you

As good as a face-to-face conference: benefits of your interactive online forum

If you haven't made the leap to booking your place, here are some of the great things you can do at SBK Healthcare interactive forums:

  • Meet each other – turning on your videos and microphones in the breakout rooms
  • Listen and watch presentations and speakers’ Q&A – in the main conference room with a chair
  • Take part in facilitated interactive sessions – enabled by moderators in the breakout rooms
  • Feedback and engage – using the chat box and moderators sharing content in the main conference room

5 minute video | filmed in 2021 | view on-demand

This is a really helpful and quick video, for anyone who is planning to attend an SBK Healthcare interactive forum. Click on the picture below to view:

A great sponsorship opportunity for commercial companies

These are live events that feature leading presentations, interactive breakout rooms and compelling Q&A discussions

As a sponsor you will have the opportunity to present your product or service, be key part of the event and meet your audience face-to-face to discuss their experiences, interests and key concerns.

Find out more about sponsorship email Sarah Kemm or telephone 01732 897788.

Online forum branding, marketing and education opportunities include...

  • Your organisation featuring as ‘sponsored by’; including your logo, promotional text and links to your URL
  • 5 minutes presentation time during the main conference and taking part in the related speaker Q&A
  • Unique opportunity for the sponsored presenter to moderate one of the interactive breakout rooms
  • Additional company representatives can attend the online forum and meet the attendees during the interactive sessions in the breakout rooms
  • Your logo or company name will be included in all correspondence we send to registrants and all promotional emails sent out when marketing
  • Your support and sponsorship will be recognised when you are thanked at the opening and closing of the online forum as well as your logo featuring on the opening and closing slides
  • All sponsors will receive a copy of the registration and attendee list
  • Plus: a one-off option to add your question to the registration form, asking if attendees would like to share their email address with you so you can keep them informed after the online forum